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Back story

After more than 10 years as its conceptual copywriter and creative director, Joe left the agency he started, where he was creative partner in a team of 20 people. His creative leadership was instrumental in shaping the agency’s style and its reputation for effective, unexpected, creative work.

A long dormant, yet potent idea to loose himself from the structured, agency life, and adopt that of a free-agent, resulted in the launch of Volcano.

Now operating either direct, or in cahoots with like-minded creative teams, he is better able to balance work with the rest of life. That’s good for clients, as an unstructured creative mind is a more productive one. It’s good for the planet now there’s one less commuter. And good for him, as a better balance produces better work.

Why Volcano?

Persuasive, effective, and imaginative creative ideas make the difference between standing out from the crowd, or blending in with the bland.

Every business needs to stand out – even if it’s in the camouflage netting business.

Understanding the secrets of your appeal to an audience, finding the ideal vehicle to convey that special something, and doing so memorably, is all there is to it.

But you knew that. And that’s why you’re here.

[Or did you want to know why Volcano, the name?]

How it works

1. Virtual agency

Branding, advertising, digital content creation… it’s a freelance industry. Like film and TV, many talented, creative people choose to operate independently. Volcano provides a vehicle for people to collaborate on pitches, to resource campaigns or to deliver projects.

2. Creative ideas and content

As a freelance, I welcome opportunities for short-term contracts and one-off projects, working directly for clients. If you have a project that may suit my skills or style, or you need someone to discuss a creative marketing problem, just shout. For an example of the range of projects and clients I’ve worked for please also see my Linked in profile.

3. Hired hand

If you’re a creative agency, I’m available to supply additional capacity if you could use a creative director / conceptual copywriter. As above, see also Linked in.

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Clients I’ve worked with recently

    jackson    crown group   99-Domino-rev copy    cii masterRev       scimconRev2pJM_logorev-[Converted]

    AstburyMarsden-Rev-Strap-Rev RGB Screen     suffolkCC   stEdsBC     figa    ito   IBS_BWbts   BHC_REV


If you don't need any of these, I make a great margarita.

Brand ideas

Every brand needs a central idea around which to make all the important decisions. Some brands allow the idea to rule everything, others see its influence going no further than the marketing department. The expression of the idea might be a name, a slogan, or an image. See my work for examples of cohesive brand strategies and to see how a great brand idea can rocket-fuel the business.

Campaign concepts

Guided by the brand idea, campaigns forge direct, persuasive connections with your audience. Whether you’re selling a product or service or promoting a change of behaviour, campaigns work better with a creative spark. See recent campaigns I’ve worked on.

Marketing communications

You’ve got it. They want it. (If only they knew.) In a noisy world, it takes courage, persistence, and originality to be heard. Media neutral, my portfolio demonstrates how the message always wins.

Engaging content

Hire a good writer and you employ the right words. Writing is an art, like engineering is a science. It doesn’t have to look beautiful to work, but beautiful sure works better. If you read nothing else, at least find out what clients say about my work.

What people say about Volcano

NF, Crown Worldwide Group

Creative, effective, and b_____ expensive. Almost the perfect combination.

NF, Crown Worldwide Group
MC, Astbury Marsden

Funny guy. I mean Weird. And funny.

MC, Astbury Marsden
HC, BTS Group

If only he was taller, I could have given him another project.

HC, BTS Group
SR, Domino

I can honestly say he bought me lunch twice – in fifteen years.

SR, Domino


Recent Works and Case Studies


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